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Jeff Corrigan is known best as the eternally-armed and heavily-equipped documentarian of the emerging San Diego market.

With his high-energy persona and his keen ability to capture absolutely EVERYTHING on film, he is an invaluable instrument to his clients. His eye for spectacle is unmatched, and Jeff is an artist with a unique ability to recreate the very visceral experience of each individual event and its audience.

Lately his work has been noticed by some major worldwide publications and his photos have stood out greatly among those of his peers.

He is a man that has spent the past eighteen years of his photography career learning to capture the absolute essence of each shot, and a few clicks through his work will let his work speak for itself.

Jeff’s work and his projects are constantly evolving and he seems to grow busier every day. He is a ubiquitous presence at his events, and is sure to get every angle.

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